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The quest to live simply and fair can be hard. Preventing exploitation, trafficking and valuing life is a big task.  One of the biggest ways we can influence change and create impact is how we spend our money (or don’t spend in some cases). Time is required to research and find items that we can feel good about.  If you are like me you love to read reviews, check ratings and be thorough to find the best products at the best price that create the best impact for others.

Because of my crazy compulsion, I have curated a growing list of awesome fair trade items.  Each month I will discuss some of my favorite things I have discovered and love.  I hope you will try them out too.

This month, chocolate and comfy clothes!  It is still winter after all.  Who am I kidding?  I live in Arizona.  It will be 80 degrees today in March.  We don’t need excuses for chocolate and comfy clothes.  Plus it is spring training month here in Arizona.  Time for comfy clothes and snacks and sitting outside.  Here is what I will be enjoying while outside watching baseball.


I don’t have a huge sweet tooth.  I do love to keep around cocoa though for making dairy free chocolate banana smoothies and occasional brownie bites (though I do love having a chocolate bar hidden around for “emergencies”).

Equal Exchange is awesome!   And they have so many awesome products. The links here are to get them on Amazon, but they also appear at Whole Foods, and some at Target and Fry’s/Kroger stores.

Hot Chocolate
Chocolate Bars
Coffee  (I know, not chocolate, but had to throw it in)

Last but certainly not least, Barefoot & Chocolate awesome fair trade and organic chocolate spreads.  Almond Coconut Chocolate Spread is my favorite and so delicious on apples.  Plus it shows up at my door from Amazon.  I love coming home to treats at my door.

Comfy Clothes—PACT 
Well, after all that chocolate, or before eating, you may want some comfy clothes to snuggle into.  Check out PACT.

PACT is all about super soft and comfy clothes that put people first. Their apparel is sweatshop free, ethically produced and part of a movement transforming the way apparel is made.  All their items are fair trade certified.

I personally LOVE these leggings!

And this tank….so soft and excited to wear it to spring training baseball games this month and sit outside.  I also love this tshirt because baseball requires tshirts and tanks and being comfy.

Enjoying underwear too, but don’t think you need to see that.  Need to get on buying loungewear.  Arizona mornings won’t be cool for that much longer then they will just sit in a drawer for 4 months.

You can get PACT online, and I have also seen some of their pieces at Whole Foods.

Well, these are the products I have been super excited about lately.  I hope you will check them out and get some for yourself.  We vote for the world we want with how we spend our money. Check out the LiveFair Resources for more great products I love!

Buy better. Live Fair. Create Impact.

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