The Local Mission is a non-profit organization working to create a non-profit coffee shop and community center in Chandler Arizona in the Hoy Homes Neighborhood near downtown Chandler.  We are a non-profit organization but are working to get land and build our coffee shop. Donate now to help get us ground!

Coffee is our instrument to engage community.  But coffee is more than a way to engage.  How we spend our money matters and can prevent exploitation, or encourage it.  The coffee industry has been plagued with exploitation.  At The Local Mission, we are dedicated to Fair Trade principles and educating people on how they can prevent exploitation with how they spend money.

Learn more about Fair Trade.


The Local Mission puts people over profit and uses coffee and community to create impact and prevent human trafficking and exploitation locally and globally. We seek to become a profitable coffee shop that funds prevention of trafficking and exploitation through education and prevention measures using coffee as our instrument.


We wish to see a world free of slaves and exploitation of human life through strong, safe and engaged communities.


Join us to prevent exploitation.  Subscribe, donate or volunteer now.

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