Meet the Team

Callie Unruh, Founder, and Executive Director
Callie is a wife, mother and aspiring entrepreneur living in Chandler, Arizona. She loves coffee and has a passion for making a positive impact in the world.  Callie grew up in outside of Portland, Oregon and misses the rain, trees and coffee shops.  She received her bachelor’s in Journalism and Biblical Theology from Multnomah University and Masters in Non-Profit Administration from Hope International University.

In her spare time, she loves exercising and has an obsession with good food and cooking, gardening and being outside.  Callie is passionate about living simply, loving others and becoming an ordinary radical.

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Board of Directors

Judy Thompson
Growing up in Chicago and after the fun (really!) high school years Judy attended Northern Illinois University for undergraduate and Masters studies. Judy began her career teaching high school physical education and coaching and over the years taught grade Kindergarten through University. Teaching and serving others took Judy to church ministry and sales and even international travel and work in Africa, Kiev, Manila, Calcutta and Sri Lanka.

While on church staff at a mega-church, Judy was immersed in the various needs of others. She supported various ministry teams, volunteers, a seminary, devotional web posting, lay counseling/crisis counseling. Judy is passionate about serving others.

Today Judy continues to be blessed serving in the church and community and has returned to teaching. She believes we all can be a force for passionately serving the oppressed and abused and seeks to raise awareness or human trafficking. She believes we all live lives with challenges and loss, yet these unique extraordinary experiences strengthen us to serve others. A life of gratitude and joy surrounds that fulfilling life for Judy. She continues to strive to elevate her impact on others.

Want to join the team?  We are looking for volunteer staff to help with marketing, program development and more!  Contact us.

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