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Fair 5: Produce…and a Confession

I have a confession to make.  I am a foodie.  I love food. I am that person that takes pictures of my awesome food or coffee (example included of course).  Over the years I have grown in my thoughts on food too. From health issues dictating what I eat to wanting a generally healthy lifestyle […]

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Rethinking Consumerism

Last week I was determined to write a blog about community and gathering places. It would start hinting at the larger plans I had.  I started many different drafts.  They weren’t right.  I wasn’t happy with them.  I felt a tug that said there was something else that needed to be said. This stage of life […]

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Adventure God

“Adventure must mean going to Africa, or Haiti, hanging out with the homeless and giving away my stuff right? While I still dream of visiting those places I had this nagging feeling that my adventure was going to look a little different.” _______________________________________________________________________ My 3-year old son has taught me many things, mostly about myself […]

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On Coffee and Human Rights

I love school.  Let me rephrase that: I love when the kid goes to school. I am SO over it for myself–Masters program was enough.  Granted the kid is only in a half-day preschool, but I get excited for those three hours of quiet each day.  And while I love the quiet, if I am […]

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