These are a few of my favorite things…

The quest to live simply and fair can be hard. Preventing exploitation, trafficking and valuing life is a big task.  One of the biggest ways we can influence change and create impact is how we spend our money (or don’t spend in some cases). Time is required to research and find items that we can […]

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Coffee + Purpose + Impact

The Fair 5 Challenge is coming to a close.  I have enjoyed working through the top five simple ways to start living an ethical lifestyle.  Obviously there are many more industries and issues (ie clothing and electronics) but the point is to start somewhere. I hope you learned a few things.  I know I did. […]

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Fair 5: Jewelry and the Story Behind the Story

Our jewelry and accessories have stories.  Maybe a piece of jewelry represents the story of your engagement, or a memento from a special trip, or a family keepsake. Personally, I’m not super into heels, makeup, dressing up… but I do have an affinity (read:addiction) for scarves and bags.  I want all of them.  In particular, […]

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Fair 5: Produce…and a Confession

I have a confession to make.  I am a foodie.  I love food. I am that person that takes pictures of my awesome food or coffee (example included of course).  Over the years I have grown in my thoughts on food too. From health issues dictating what I eat to wanting a generally healthy lifestyle […]

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Rethinking Consumerism

Last week I was determined to write a blog about community and gathering places. It would start hinting at the larger plans I had.  I started many different drafts.  They weren’t right.  I wasn’t happy with them.  I felt a tug that said there was something else that needed to be said. This stage of life […]

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On Coffee and Human Rights

I love school.  Let me rephrase that: I love when the kid goes to school. I am SO over it for myself–Masters program was enough.  Granted the kid is only in a half-day preschool, but I get excited for those three hours of quiet each day.  And while I love the quiet, if I am […]

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