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A Month of Gratitude

Happy Fall everyone!  I am so excited for fall.  Though, in Arizona it just means getting excited when it is finally in the 80’s and the mornings are cool.  Sorry I have been so quiet lately. The end of the summer and early fall have been a bit crazy.  Biggest reason being I am pregnant! […]

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Stepping Into the Neighborhood

In 2011, we moved to Arizona knowing nothing about the place.  We found a house to rent close to Intel for the husband’s new job.  We quickly learned that Arizona suburbs can be the  most monotonous, Pleasantville like places.  Honestly, it was a bit creepy.  As we looked at houses most neighborhoods were shaped in […]

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Big Dreams Require Big Courage

Happy New Year all!  I am excited and scared for what 2017 will bring. Big things are going to happen this year. The last few weeks have brought great family time, but now the kid is back to school and we slowly crawl back to our schedules.  For me that mainly means getting to the […]

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Coffee + Purpose + Impact

The Fair 5 Challenge is coming to a close.  I have enjoyed working through the top five simple ways to start living an ethical lifestyle.  Obviously there are many more industries and issues (ie clothing and electronics) but the point is to start somewhere. I hope you learned a few things.  I know I did. […]

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Rethinking Consumerism

Last week I was determined to write a blog about community and gathering places. It would start hinting at the larger plans I had.  I started many different drafts.  They weren’t right.  I wasn’t happy with them.  I felt a tug that said there was something else that needed to be said. This stage of life […]

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Adventure God

“Adventure must mean going to Africa, or Haiti, hanging out with the homeless and giving away my stuff right? While I still dream of visiting those places I had this nagging feeling that my adventure was going to look a little different.” _______________________________________________________________________ My 3-year old son has taught me many things, mostly about myself […]

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