How it Works

The Local Mission will be a different kind of coffee shop. While we love good coffee, we love people more. Good coffee is our mechanism for creating community and impact.

Pay What You Can Model

Our goal is to create a coffee shop with suggested pricing, but a pay what you can model. Pay less, pay more, or don’t pay. We want our coffee to be accessible to all. We want The Local Mission to be a gathering place for people of all backgrounds and economic statuses. Good coffee should be for everyone.

Pour over coffee

Programs and Funding

We want your impact to go as far as possible. That is why The Local Mission will aim to fund all administrative costs separately from coffee shop proceeds. When you buy a coffee at The Local Mission 100% will go to programs funding prevention of human trafficking and exploitation both locally and globally. We know this isn’t the “easy” way but we believe in people over profit. Join us today.

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