We believe that strong, engaged communities can create impact for their neighborhoods, city and around the world.  We must take care and serve of those in our community.

We hope to serve the Hoy Homes Neighborhood and its surrounding neighborhoods in Chandler, Arizona.  The Hoy Homes Neighborhood is located near downtown Chandler and we are eyeing an empty plot of land at Galveston and Hartford.

Empty Lot

City Data

These neighborhoods contain older homes from the 1950’s, a few elementary schools and Chandler High School.  The demographics of the Hoy Homes Neighborhood also reflect the surrounding neighborhoods.

  • 8.9% unemployment
  • 24.5% living below the poverty limit
  • 29% foreign born
  • 10% non-english speakers

The demographics, especially the poverty data, are in stark contrast to the overall city of Chandler. Instead of moving away from the need we want to step in and engage and support the diverse community here.  

The 2016 Report titled Human Trafficking By the Numbers shows that traffickers target those that are the most vulnerable in society.  When we understand the conditions that make people susceptible, we are then able to step in an engage and value life and prevent exploitation.

Let’s celebrate our neighborhoods, engage community and use coffee and community to create impact in Chandler to help all thrive.

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