Local Impact

The Local Mission believes that businesses can do better and create impact in their communities.  We are dedicated to creating thriving communities in and around the Hoy Homes Neighborhood in Chandler, Arizona.

Once up and running, proceeds from The Local Mission Coffee shop will be split between local and global programs. We are hoping to implement the following local programs.  

safe place

Safe Place Location

The Local Mission aims to become a Safe Place location. Safe Place is a national organization that partners with businesses to provide youth in crisis a safe place to go.  If kids feel unsafe for any reason, they can go to a business that displays the Safe Place logo to get help.  Long-term, The Local Mission would like to develop a similar type program to assist adults as well.

Learn more about Safe Place.


Immigrant and Day Laborer Center

Poverty and status can be primary triggers for exploitation.  Those without proper documentation and resources are targets of traffickers for both sex and labor trafficking as they individuals have little recourse.  Visit our Trafficking and Exploitation page to learn more.

The Local Mission aims to serve the immigrant and day laborers in our community and around Chandler by providing a safe place to get resources, learn about worker rights, get legal help and basic provisions.

Long-Term we hope to partner with other businesses and organizations to create a safe and fair job center that can connect people with safe and fair paying jobs.


Refugee Assistance

The 2016 Report on Trafficking in Persons reported that migration played a large role in trafficking and exploitation.  Refugees in particular are at high risk both in and out of their home country.  Those moving across borders, for whatever reason are targets for traffickers.  We hope to assist refugees by providing basic provisions, assistance, and friendship to prevent exploitation and engage a more diverse community.


Trafficking and Exploitation Education

The Local Mission hopes to provide educational sessions to the community on topics surrounding human trafficking and exploitation.  Come have some coffee and snacks and learn about how we can prevent exploitation.

In addition, we will partner with Red Light Rebellion to extend our educational sessions to reach parents, kids and schools with their targeted presentations about online safety.


Community Garden

We hope to create beauty in our city and our space that engages the community.  In addition to being a safe place location we hope to provide community gardening space.  The garden’s produce will be available to those who need it.  Poverty is a large driver for trafficking and exploitation.  We hope that in providing a safe place, and resources for healthy food to help prevent exploitation and help our community thrive.

If you are interested in participating in any of these programs, please sign up above to learn more and get updates.  We hope to begin program planning soon.  If you have knowledge or resources in any of these areas, we would love to hear from you.

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